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Earn Your Turkey


Earn Your Turkey


In teams of five:
Tabata Air Squats
then, as a team, complete each of the following 8 minute AMRAPs in any order:
AMRAP 1: Power Clean Your Turkey
Find your team’s 1 rep max power clean.
AMRAP 2: Atlantic Crossing
Complete as many rounds of the AMRAP:
Prowler boat crossing, 10 burpees by each team member
Prowler boat crossing, 25 KB swings, 20 box jumps, 15 GHD sit-ups, 10 pull-ups, 5 burpee pull-ups
For max reps,

rope climb 
burpee over 30″ box
DB lunge

Notes: First of all, don’t worry if you have no idea how to read this workout, just come and we’ll do a hefty bit of explaining!  AMRAP 1: two bars per team, one platform per team.  Use of platform weights only.  AMRAP 2: two team members must ride on the prowler for each trip, two team members may push the prowler each trip, no team member may ride on the prowler or push the prowler two trips in a row.  All team members must each complete 10 burpees on the Americas side of the Atlantic, each team member must complete all of the reps for one of the five exercises on the European side of the Atlantic before returning to the ship.  Team members may trade exercises between rounds bur not within one round.  AMRAP 3: max reps of the exercises listed.  One team member can work on each exercise at a time.  

Score sheets to be handed out at the start of class.

What caption goes with this picture?  Post to comments.

What caption goes with this picture? Post to comments.

Earn Your Turkey!

Come join us for the annual Earn Your Turkey workout and find out what crazy fun Eric and Nicole have planned for this year.





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  1. Nicole S

    I am more excited for this workout than for all the incredible food Jeremy is making tomorrow — this looks awesome!