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Endurance Info Meeting Tonight at 7PM


Endurance Info Meeting Tonight at 7PM

For time:
30 HSPUs
40 Pull-ups
50 KBswing, 24kg
60 Sit-ups
70 Burpees

When strength meets form: Jake on his way to a new 1 rep max deadlift. Sorry we didn't catch the last one on camera Jake! Good work all around.

Endurance Info Meeting Tonight at 7PM

Is winter dragging down your endurance training plans? Did this past snow storm leave you feeling like the bike trainer is your only outlet for the next few months?  Then look no further than the CrossFit Endurance meeting tonight.

Whether you’ve got a triathlon in mind for the spring or you want to put a dedicated effort toward training for a 10K, come learn the ins and outs of the dedicated CrossFit Endurance Program starting at Roots on March 1st.

In the meeting Tracie will discuss:
– CrossFit Endurance
– the training program in comparison to conventional long slow distance training
– the structure of the program at Roots
– program costs
– program meeting times
– how to get started if you’re not already a member at Roots

Members and non-members, if an endurance race is in your future (or you want to put it in your future) come check-out tonight’s meeting!

9 Responses

  1. Chris Dizon

    Well done Jake!  It has been a long time coming but we both got into the 400 club this week …woo hooo!

    Props to Stephanie for hitting 300.

    Anyone else PR yesterday?

  2. jeffp

    Awesome work, Jake. That is stout. Damn.

    Nicole, I think there is a glitch on the blog. It says that the WOD has 70 burpees. Clearly that’s a mistake…

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks everyone (and awesome work Dizon and Stef)!  Most of all, thank you Nicole – one tweak in my form and then making me stick with it made that PR possible.  Best of all?  For the first time in my life after going heavy on DLs, my back doesn’t hurt. Awesome.

  4. Sommer

    Damn, Jake…impressive!   Must have been because you were so close to the pile of plates on your right.   Just and all around awesome turnout — you’re all inspiring me.   Especially Stephanie who has now passed me.   What?!   How’d you do that, girl?  I need to get on it…