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Event Reminders!


Event Reminders!

Don’t forget!  Meet back at the track today!  Centennial Middle School

Ten 100 meter sprints for time.
Rest as needed between efforts. Post best and worst times to comments.

Ryan coaches strength class on the bench press

Do you even bench bro?

Upcoming Event Reminders!

A lot of great things are happening at Roots! Check it out!

4th of July Potluck – 9:30am
Come on out for the annual +4th of July team workout and potluck breakfast. We’ll rent a grill (a BIG one) and fry up eggs and breakfast sandwiches (gluten-free). Please sign-up at the front desk to bring one of a few food items for the breakfast extravaganza.

Yampa Valley Whole, 1/2, and 1/4 Beef Shares
Yampa Valley Beef cow shares are back for summer! All of the details including a sign up sheet are available on a clipboard on the big freezer in the retail area.

Cool Cruel Summer – Episode 3 – July 17th
Get excited for the 3rd Episode of the Cool Cruel Summer! The workout is McGhee, FATE is bringing the BBQ Truck and selling dinner, and Suerte will be back mixing drinks, AND DJ Double Under will be in the house with musical heats!