Men’s Happy Hour tonight at 5pm at Boulder Depot!

15min, EMOTM:
2 Squat Snatch

October 2016

Sometimes you just have to put your head down and do work.

Did you know I wrote an article on recovering from injury for the CrossFit Journal? It’s true, it’s here. The reason I bring it up today is that I find that some of what I learned during my recovery applies to us all, all the time. The number 1 concept I learned, “The New Normal”, can be applied to all of us everyday we enter the gym, injury or no injury.
“The New Normal” is the idea that everyday is a new day and what we did yesterday may just not be possible today, or conversely, may be really easy today. There are so many factors, besides injuries, that play a role: nutrition, sleep, stress, environment, peer pressure, luck, etc. Our past performances are only indicators of what we have done, not necessarily of what we can do this very moment.
Knowing what we’ve been capable of doing in the past is a guideline of what we may be able to do today, and so we can use that information to get ourselves in a position to attempt it, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. “PR” stands for personal record and it’s a record for a reason, so the idea that you should be able to hit it again and again or even worse surpass it again and again is unrealistic which is what makes it all the better when you do beat it!
If you come in with the attitude that you’re going to give everything you have to give that day, and use your past performances as guidelines rather than black and white rules you’ll get the most out of your hour in the shop and you’ll quit wasting energy stressing yourself out about unrealistic notions that can only have a negative impact on your results in the present. And on the flip side, if you’re feeling good don’t let what you’ve done before hold you back from what you may be able to accomplish today.