The Open starts in just over one week. We’ve had a ton of really great questions come in and wanted to address them. So, in no particular order, here you go!

Should I sign-up?

YES, duh.

What if I can’t come on Friday night?

This year is different – there are NO Friday Night Lights! You just have to come to ANY class on Fridays, do the workout, and have some fun.

What if I can’t come on a Friday because I’ll be out of town?

No problem! You just have to get the workout done. You can do it during Open Shop on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday – or drop into another gym while out of town.

What if I can’t do the workouts Rx?

NO PROBLEM! Teams will earn points for Rx and Scaled workouts. AND you can flip flop back and forth between Rx and Scaled each week.

What if I’m new to CrossFit?

Even better! There’s no better way to get to know people, the gym, and the fun of this fitness program than through The Open. And, you’ll be on a team that will help teach you all the ins and outs so you’re in the know!

Ok, but what’s this really going to be like?

Think fitness for time combined with spring fling.

What if I’m not competitive?

Sure, you might not be competitive in CrossFit but we’re guessing there are some things that you might find yourself with a competitive drive? For example – Sudoku for time? Blind wine taste test? Best costume?

In this year’s format there are workout and non-workout related ways for your team to earn points. And your team needs those points!

How does this Intramural format work?

We will divide those who sign-up into 3-4 teams (depending on sign-ups). Each team will accumulate points throughout the five weeks in a variety of areas. Some points are available to all teammates each week while some points are “weekly one offs” that will earn your team extra points.

Ok, what’s the baseline point system?

Each week, ever team member can earn up to 9 points for their team:

5 points – Attend 5 group classes Friday through Thursday of each week AND log your score in SugarWOD. In addition, we have 3 approved home workouts that can also count. Please note, only these 3 approved home workouts will count – yoga, dog walking, skiing, mountain biking do not count, for example.

2 points – Do the Open workout on Friday in class

2 point – Wear your team’s color to workout in while you do the Open workout

Are there more ways to earn points?

Yes, each week, teams will submit the top 2 Rx and Scaled Male and Female scores. We will have a combined leaderboard across the teams and assign points based on overall placing.

And more ways to earn points?

You know it! Each week there will be a specific weekly challenge where teams will volunteer one member of their team to complete the challenge. These extra points will not be workout-based and will rely on a variety of other skills such as – math, wine tasting, reading comprehension, strategizing, and fashion.

Will I have fun?


Ok, how do I sign-up?

Woot! You can sign-up via this link OR stop by the front desk and we can sign-up for you (it’s free). You must be registered by WEDNESDAY so we can make teams before Friday.