4 rounds:
Deadlift x 5
2min AMRAP:
40 double-unders
30 situps
20 slamballs
Rest 2min between rounds
September 2016
Checkout this article that cites multiple studies relating consistent exercise programs to improvements in executive control. Executive control includes “inhibition (resisting distraction, maintaining focus), working memory, and cognitive flexibility (switching between tasks)” and is highly impaired in children with ADHD.
So not only does exercise help our children with their physical preparedness for life, but it’s also directly linked with their performance in the classroom. Researchers in one of the studies concluded that these findings should be “carefully explored with further studies. If physical activity is established as an effective intervention for ADHD,” they continued, “it will also be important to address possible complementary effects of physical activity and existing treatment strategies …” The author goes on to point out the irony of this last statement when we consider how quickly the medical community was to dish out millions of amphetamines for the same problems. Yep, have to protect our kids from the “complimentary effects” of physical activity. We don’t want them getting too strong, fast, powerful, coordinated, balanced, agile, flexible, accurate, or conditioned.
Happy Friday!