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Extra! Extra! Read ALL About It.


Extra! Extra! Read ALL About It.


Constantly varied.

Constantly varied.

Extra!  Extra!  Read ALL About It.

Yesterday some BIG news hit the CrossFit Games website.  The big news was that this year CrossFit will announce each workout LIVE from an affiliate somewhere around the country.  All over the world, CrossFitters will tune in to learn the next workout in the 2013 series.  After the announcement of the workout, two of CrossFit’s top athletes will go head on site infront of the local CrossFit community and  post their scores.  This will also be broadcast live.

And where on earth have they decided to announce the 3rd workout?

None other than your very own CrossFit Roots!  We are honored and PUMPED to host this event.

That’s right, on Wednesday, March 20th it gets real!  Dave Castro and the CrossFit crew will descend on the shop and we’ll host the 3rd LIVE show of the CrossFit Open.

Don’t miss out on the action!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will no doubt be a fantastic spectator event with party to follow.  And word on the street is that DJ Double Under is making a special appearance!

The athlete match-up will be announced one week prior to each Open workout.  Who will make up the match-up at Roots?  Post to comments.

Questions?  Post to comments.

8 Responses

  1. Cindy Arangua

    I’m going to be like those crazy nuts who camp outside for days for Black Friday. So what if I look like a loon!! 😉

  2. Maggie

    wow what an honor for Roots…nicely done, Nicole! Excited to have my mind blown by amazing athletic feats! (not like that doesn’t already happen on a daily basis here) 🙂