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Farewell to a Dear Friend and Coach


Farewell to a Dear Friend and Coach

15-12-9 reps for time:
135 pound barbell thrusters
45 pound weighted pull-ups

Tracie will be missed dearly but we wish her the best in Durango!

Tracie will be missed dearly but we wish her the best in Durango!

Farewell to a Dear Friend and Coach

As many of you have caught word of over the past few weeks, our very own coach Tracie Holcomb is leaving us on May 10th.  Off to take on an exciting new adventure, she and her family have decided to move to Durango.

While it saddens me so greatly to think of her leaving the floor at Roots and our community, I also know that the sadness of her departure is far outweighed by the incredible, positive, and life changing influences she has had on all of us at Roots over the past five years.

The coaching staff is a better crew of individuals because of her.  We’ll miss the shenanigans in the office, the cut throat attitude that challenged you to be better, and the caring friend we all love.  We wish her the very best on the Western Slope!

And here is Tracie’s farewell in her own words…

Well Friends,

The time has come. It’s been a crazy ride over the last 5 years, and like so many other things in CrossFit, I would have never guessed that it would come to this. Like many of you, some of my best and worst moments have come at CrossFit Roots. I’ve achieved goals, celebrated gains, and it’s not a reach to say that I’ve grown into a better person. I’ve also glimpsed the side of myself that would rather quit, heard the voices that say it’s just too hard, walked away feeling defeated knowing that I hadn’t given my best and vowing never to let that happen again. But it isn’t the place. The journey began in Nicole and Eric’s sometimes steamy, sometimes freezing garage. And I will try my best to take it with me as I uproot with my clan and head south to Durango. The unique tie that links all this together is you: the Community of CrossFit Roots.

While it pains me terribly to leave this amazing community of athletes, friends, mentors, and sources of inspiration; I will take your lessons with me. I will hear your voices of encouragement, see your examples of hard work, honor your hopeful expectations, and respect your unflinching standards. I am proud to consider myself one of you. Coaching you has been an honor and a privilege and NEVER, not even a single day, did it feel like a job. On the contrary, I was humbled by your willingness to trust me and inspired by your hard earned gains.

There are not words to thank the many individuals and the community as a whole for all you have given me, but I am grateful for you and all you have meant to me over the years in the deepest fibers of being. I’ll do my best to stay connected…stalking the website, maybe even getting back on Facebook for the first time in 3 years, popping back in periodically to get my ass kicked…but know that if you ever need a friend in Durango, I’m there for you.

Cheers Friends,

33 Responses

  1. sarah silver

    Tracie, You are an awesome coach. You pushed me through endurance workouts that I was 110 percent sure I could not finish. While a coach can’t make someone love running, you helped me to learn to love to try. Good luck in Durango. – Sarah Silver

  2. there is nothing that makes me work harder than having a mother of 3 running on 4 hours of sleep tell me to quit being a p*$$y.
    Thanks T-hulk and good luck in all of your new adventures!

  3. We’ll definitely miss you T-Hulk! It has been great getting to know you over the past four years. You’re a great coach, and I wish you and your family the best of luck on your next adventure.

  4. Tracie, it was an honor to have you as a coach both for Endurance and “normal” WODs. Roots won’t be the same without you! And I’m super jealous of the mountain biking you’ll be doing in Durango…

  5. lauren

    Tracie, we’ll miss you so much! Hope Durango brings some wonderful adventures for you and your family.

  6. I’ll never forget my first Tracie coached workout. It was Kelly, which is my most loathed workout of all time. In the last round of wall balls, Tracie stood next to me for the last 20 reps, and I’ll always fondly remember her yelling “come on, let’s finish this bitch!” Whenever I find myself drained in a workout, I try to call on Tracie’s encouragement that first day she coached me. I’ll miss you Tracie! Thank you for being a great coach. P.S. Facebook is for suckers. Don’t do it.

  7. Lindsey Lettvin

    Tracie-Man, we are gonna miss getting our asses kicked by you! Thank you for inspiring me to lift heavier and think positively. Seriously, you have helped me “dial my shit” in. Have an awesome life in Durango–I hope you and your family settle in nicely and have great adventures!

  8. Killer

    Tracie, You have helped and guided me through some amazing stages in my life, and for that I thank you, friend. We will miss you tremendously.

  9. Nicole S

    Tracie, we will miss you!!! I love your energy and ability to get me motivated at 5:30am. You are a true inspiration and I am so grateful to have been able to work with you the past few months. Have fun in Durango!

  10. LT Walsh

    In the words of PonyBoy…”Nothing gold can stay”. You will be missed more than you could ever know!

  11. Shelley Schlender

    Hi, Tracie,
    Thanks for being such a great coach. I’m grateful for your help and encouragement and wish you the best with all you do next.

  12. Jessica

    Tracie, Beautiful words and we will really miss you! You rode me hard in Endurance last Spring and always challenged me to push harder. Your voice is in my head a lot when I work out – to this day – even when you’re not my coach. 😉

  13. Tracie, when I came to Roots and had you for one of my first WODS, I remember telling myself “This chic is the real f***** deal.” Your positive encouragement intermingling with military style motivation was something I had never experienced and I was immediately hooked. When I was struggling through “Amanda”, you were right there by my side pushing me through it and when I FINALLY finished, I’ll never forget your words as I sat there near my bar, upset and frustrated: “…you pushed through and you are mentally stronger because of it…” Your words still resonate with me whenever I’m struggling. You are an inspiration and an amazing, extraordinary coach, individual and friend and I will miss you dearly. Best of luck to this new chapter in your life!

  14. KU Molly

    Tracie…Parry and I have been lucky to have you as a friend all these years….and I loved getting to know you as a coach too. It really suits you and I was inspired every time I was in one of your classes. I recall after one work out in particular you asked all of us in the class if we felt like we did our best or if we felt like we could have pushed ourselves harder. It’s made me think about my performance in every class ever since. Thanks for being a friend, a coach and an inspiration. Best of luck in Durango. You can bet The Macs will vitsit!

  15. Molly Mac

    Tracie… you rock. thanks for being an awesome coach and pushing me to be better! Good luck to you and your family!