AMRAP 20 minutes:
With a partner, alternating rounds:

50m swim
2 burpees
Add 2 burpees to each round until team completes the round of 20 burpees. After completing the round of 20 burpees, begin subtracting 2 burpees every round.

The weather is HOT HOT HOT but we’re not letting our fitness slip so come out and join us for another Swim WOD this summer!  Just like in class you can expect a warmup and a workout. There’s no need to be an expert swimmer and as usual we’ll have plenty of scaled options. Sign-up in MBO.
We’re back at the Elks Pool this week. When you arrive at the pool, please check-in with the pool staff at the front desk. Tell them you are there with Roots and they will let you in. We have reserved lanes for this workout. If you plan to stay at the pool after the workout, you will need to pay the admission fee after the workout is over.