There is a workout at Roots today as well as at North Boulder Park. Do one or both and sign-up!

Shop Workout – 7am
Inverse Tabata shoulder press, 155 lb.
Inverse Tabata front squat, 245 lb.
Inverse Tabata deadlift, 365 lb.
The Inverse Tabata interval is 10 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest for 8 intervals. Rest 2 minutes between exercises.
Park Workout – 9am
3 rounds:
1min at each station:
medball clean (20/14)
kb swings (24/16)
rest 1min

Check out this comparison piece from the Games site. They took all the data reported from the Regionals and Games athletes and compiled several interesting comparisons. The numbers themselves are, of course, impressive and in short, “Games athletes, however, tend to be about a year younger, a few pounds heavier, and a few percentage points better in each of the performance categories, all of which makes sense.”
What may be most interesting though is the charts above that compare incoming rookies to the veteran athletes at the Games. The gap is clearly narrowing and we’re told, “This is not driven by outstanding rookies, like Mat Fraser’s second-place finish in 2014/2015 and Sara Sigmundsdottir’s third-place finish in 2015; you see essentially the same pattern if you use the median instead of the mean.” This could mean some very interesting leaders in the coming years, perhaps some of whom we’ve never even heard of!