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Fit for Two.


Fit for Two.

Push jerk
5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Tabata Sprints
8 rounds: :20 on/:10 off
on the rowers

Everybody loves a good front squat.  Dave does.

Everybody loves a good front squat. Dave does.

Fit for Two.

5280 Magazine recently interviewed Nicole about her experience CrossFitting while pregnant.  It seems to be common place now for a variety of news media to question the safety of CrossFitting while pregnant.  See what Nicole has to say about the topic.

Check it out here!


1 Response

  1. shane

    “But I think someone who is running three to five miles a day is different than someone maxing out at CrossFit.”
    So 35 miles of running a week is okay for an expecting mom but not CrossFit? How does one “max-out” at CrossFit? Maybe that’s the piece I’m missing in my training!