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For Your Reading Enjoyment


For Your Reading Enjoyment

Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Karin makes it look easy and she earned it!

For Your Reading Enjoyment

Some great articles were sent our way!  Thanks to Hank, John, and Jake.  Thanks everyone for continuing to send us great resources and nuggets of info.

Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables

Paleo Diet: Smart Eating or Latest Fad?

US News and World Report: Top-Rated Diets Overall

9 Responses

  1. Hank

    Wow, paleo is dead last in US News ranking — right behind the fad diets.  I’m just happy that paleo made the list.  Most people don’t know what paleo is (unlike South Beach, Adkins, etc).  Great ideas take time to gain acceptance.  Roots is both a paleo beachhead, and a paleo petri dish.  I hope we can add to the body of knowledge supporting paleo.

  2. grandpamojo

    Wow… I am dumbfounded by the “findings” of the US News and World Report study… From the Volumetrics Diet (one of the “best”) – a “Do”: “Do: Make your pancakes less dense by topping them with fruit, rather than butter. You’ll be able to eat more and feel fuller on fewer calories.” – Pancakes are a “do”? – F them. I’ve lost 20 lbs eliminating breads, pastas, starches, sugars, etc. – and replacing with lean meats, clean fresh veggies and fruits. They can kiss my lean muscular ass!

    1. Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more on the “feel fuller on fewer calories.”  G’Pa Mojo you are a lean muscular force!  Check it – Paleo:).

  3. Ali

    For the life of me, I just can’t understand why ANYONE (whether you are “paleo” or not; a RD;  or your average Joe) wouldn’t back a style of eating that is entirely based on WHOLE FOODS that come from the EARTH!!!

    I recently read an article from some bada$$ strength dude about what he says when people ask him for diet advice.  It basically was “stop eating like a kid, eat like an adult,” meant to hit on the fact that we, as adults, should know better than to eat sugary processsed foods from boxes and eat more fruits and vegetables.  And we should!  And so should these crazy reporters.  Who actually probably DO know better, but write what the public wants to read (going back to Nicole’s post the other day about media…). 

    Also, as a very scientifically minded person, I’ve finally come to realize there is actually something worthwhile in anecdotal evidence.  Not everything needs to be “proven” the way the “experts” think.

  4. “Paleo –
    Will you lose weight?

    No way to tell. Paleo diets haven’t yet drawn the attention of many researchers.”

    We’ll just ignore every CF box in the world that has had crazy success with helping improve every blood metric of health for their athletes with Paleo Challenges.  Paleo is still relatively new on the scene compared to many in this list and it challenges almost everything we’ve been told about healthy eating up to this point so it’s no surprise that so many of the “experts” question it’s validity.  They can only deny the results that we’re seeing daily for so long.

    Oh, and it doesn’t involve corn or grain which doesn’t work out so well for our governments pockets.  One day we’ll get someone in office that actually wants a strong healthy countryman, not a fat dying rich one.

  5. Davis Hart

    It looks like the ranking was based largely on efficacy measured through large-scale scientific studies. As we know, there have been few studies on paleo given how recently the diet was developed and popularized. I suppose if you want to be sure your diet is going to shed pounds fast (i.e., I only have 2 months until beach season), maybe it’s better to go with one that has been proven to do just that. On the other hand, if health and longevity is your goal, you have more time to experiment. Luckily, like CrossFit, the success of a paleo diet can be measured through performance, blood panels, and (less quantitatively) through appearance, attitude, and emotional well being (all of which I firmly believe benefit from this diet).

    1. Anonymous


      Nicole and I have used paleoplan in the past and it was pretty cool. It is really nice to help mix things up when you get into a rut eating the same paleo meals all the time. We don’t really need quite that much structure and guidance all the time, so we aren’t currently using it, but would def keep it in mind when we need to switch things up.