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Fran and ROOTCamp


Fran and ROOTCamp

A Special Kind of Torture
By: Jim Kienholz

I ignore the fear.
Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.
I check the board
Oh Lord….
The evil one …..Fran
Will she make me a he-man
Or make me beg for my afghan
My heart wants a PR.
My brain wonders about the ER.
With a barbell in front of me
Misery loves company.
But given my druthers
I wouldn’t trade this band of brothers.
The music may be blaring but I hear not a peep
Before the 3…..2…..1…..Beep
Put it all on the line
My mind forgets the world
As the reps are unfurled
Where did the oxygen go
With all this to and fro
I must endure this pain
To be master of my domain
Or I could just be insane
To desire this strain
The end of the line
When I yell…TIME
I collapse to the floor
Not having any more
I am no longer fearful
For I see my sweat angel
A Special Kind of Torture they shout.
Will they see me tomorrow? Without a doubt.

Collin during the row/front squat/GHD/box jump workout. Collin has a motor!


Roots proudly announces ROOTCamp.  Way cooler, and much more productive than a traditional bootcamp, ROOTCamp is a 5-week outdoor workout two days a week at North Boulder Park beginning October 12th.  It is suitable for all ability levels and geared toward non-Roots members.  Whether you want to use the great outdoors for your workout, are looking for a fun and varied group of individuals to train with, or just need to kick start your routine, ROOTCamp is the perfect way to get going. This camp is suitable for all ability levels and is not lame (like many bootcamps). This is a 10-session camp lasting for 5 weeks.  For more information or to sign-up, click here.

2 Responses

  1. Olivia

    Jim, I hope you got the flow to go with those rhymes.. I interpreted your poem as a “rap” and I’m pretty sure I interpreted right.
    They must call you lil jim for a reason.