Ring push-up ladder
Rest 5 minutes
Body-weight front squat ladder

David testing out the new pull-up bar at the shop.

David testing out the new pull-up bar at the shop.


Get Focused. Mobility Focused.

Sometimes mobility goals take consistent effort – doing the same mobility work day in and day out. The best way to make that happen is to set aside time to do your mobility work every day. And, because we want the best for you, we’re going to expect that you set aside time every day in your busy lives to do this. “Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids;” January is time for you to get focused on mobility.

You don’t want to sell the kids? No problem. As it turns out, we’re going to have you do the mobility in class. Starting this Tuesday, the next time you come to class you will be assigned two mobility tasks. Every day you come to the gym in January, you will do THE SAME two tasks during mobility time in the class hour. You’ll get good at those two tasks, which is the point.

The goal is that you’ll see significant improvements in important mobility aspects.  

In general, each athlete will be assigned one of two hip mobility tasks and one of two shoulder mobility tasks. We’ll post more details before Tuesday. Your coaches will decide for you. This should be fun, and we’re excited to see what improvements we make as a community.