The Open and our 3rd iteration of the Benchmark Series are behind us. The Open was GREAT and we saw tons of PRs on the whiteboard during Benchmark Week. The average weekly class attendance per athlete is UP and it’s showing. Consistency matters – keep getting in for class four days per week, at a minimum.

With those two giants behind us, it means it’s time for a new batch of skill work! If you’re not familiar with skill work and how we incorporate it into group class, read this post!

For April and May, we will work three different blocks of skill work.

The focuses are:

  • Handstand & Midline
  • Pull-up & Muscle-Up
  • Push-up & Rope Climb

Each week will feature each of the skill work blocks as part of group class, before or after the workout. We have combined a few of our past skill work elements in order to see them more frequently. We have also incorporated a few movements we haven’t used in skill work for a few years!

You may look at this list and not be able to do some or all of the movements. That’s OK! That’s the point of skill work – to give you a path to develop new skills, refine old ones, and find new maxes! We’ll scale as need to make sure you’re challenged appropriately to develop consistently over time.

Believe it or not – there are quite a few athletes walking around Roots who could not do a pull-up OR a dip when they started and they’re now rocking 30 muscle-ups for time!

Handstand & Midline

3 Rounds:
30-sec, 45-sec, or 1-min Wall facing handstand hold
15 GHD Sit-ups
5 GHD Hip & back extensions

4-min Handstand hold or handstand walking practice

Pull-up & Muscle-up

3 Rounds: 
5 Strict chest-to-bar pull-ups

3 Rounds: 
2 Strict MU + 2 kipping MU
3 Ring rows & ring dips with pause at top, 90˚ & bottom

Push-up & Rope Climb

3 Rounds: 
5 Handstand push-ups
1 Rope climb

3 Rounds:
2 Forward lean push-ups or tuck planche push-ups
1 Rope climb