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Hard Cooked Eggs


Hard Cooked Eggs

In teams of two:
800m medball run, pass off medball every 200m
10 rounds:
10 kb swings
10 c2b pullups
800m medball run, pass off medball every 200m

Both partners run the 800m, but pass medball to teammate every 200m.  For the ten rounds, partners alternate completing one full round and then switch.  No bands on pull-ups, partners assist for chest-to-bar if needed.

Hard Cooked Eggs

Nope, that’s not a typo!  Check out this video above where Alton Brown describes how to cook perfect Hard Cooked Eggs!  What’s the difference?  Hard cooked eggs come out softer and easier to peel.  And they taste great!

Make sure to change the steam time from the recommended 12 minutes to our altitude needs of 17 minutes!



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