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Skittles or Goldfish


Skittles or Goldfish

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21-18-15-12-9-6 and 3 rep rounds of:
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds
Push jerk, 75 pounds

A snack pack from United.

A snack pack from United.

Skittles or Goldfish

On a flight home from San Jose last week I found myself in a situation that I go to great lengths to avoid – I was stranded on a plane with no food.  Sure, I had access to a bathroom and coffee (the other two major necessities) but those things didn’t seem to matter at the time!

After a five hour delay and seven hours at the airport I boarded the plane thankful to finally be heading to Denver.  Earlier, I decided I’d wait and have a snack on the plane to tide me over until dinner at home.  After take-off I reached into my carry-on for food – and then immediately realized I was OUT!
Usually I have an almond butter packet, PaleoKit, or something stashed away in my carry-on but I had depleted all my resources during the delay.  I was also pretty darn hungry by the time I boarded.  What the hell was I going to do?
Normally I probably would have held out with the hunger until I landed in Denver but I cracked.  I ordered a snackpack figuring there must be something I could eat.  
The box included: 
Mott’s applesauce
Pepperdige Farm Goldfish
Cheddar gourmet Cheese Spread
Candy (Skittles)
Oreo Cookies
The goldfish, crackers, candy, and Oreo cookies were out of the question (as if they were ever a question) by the fact that I draw the line at wheat and gluten.  It’s the devil.
While dairy isn’t ever my first pick, I was desperate so I surveyed the cheddar “cheese” spread – ingredients included “cheese flavor”, sugar, added whey, and seven unpronounceable ingredients.  The Mott’s applesauce had high fructose corn syrup and added sugar and given Eric, Caitlin, and my No Sugar For a Year Challenge, that was out.
That left the pepperoni.  While the ingredients weren’t great at all, it was somehow legit for my needs.  I opened the plastic package with my teeth.  The package was fighting back, or perhaps the Paleo Gods were telling me not to do it.  I bit into my first bite to taste what I can only describe as a SlimJim from my past.  I took a few bites and called it good.  That could tide me over until we landed.
What’s the best worst case scenario food choice you’ve made?  Post to comments.  

5 Responses

  1. Bones

    Duh – shoulda gone for the goldfish! In addition to protein, many fish contain loads of Omega 3’s!!!

  2. Guest

    On our road trip from Vermont back to Colorado last year, I had to make do with many a middle America (no, I’m not being a snob, I’m just speaking the truth) iceberg lettuce/sad tomato/sliced black olive supermarket salad. On one occasion I paleohacked with pork rinds that had relatively clean ingredients (ignoring the fact that it was clearly factory farmed pork) because I couldn’t stomach another can of water packed tuna.

  3. Laura Lepler Munro

    i have to confess that my oldest daughter just looked at this post and said, “Oh, that’s the snack box I like to get.” Not raising a Paleo eater just yet…

  4. Sarah Silver

    I travel constantly for work. Since I’m not as disciplined as Nicole (or probably anyone else at Roots), the solution I’ve found is to buy a raisins/peanut gorp mix from the lovely folks at Hudson News. That way, If I get hungry on the plane, I always have a big bag in my purse and, while it isn’t STRICT paleo, it is close enough to satisfy my hunger, my sweet tooth, and my desire to be as paleo as possible given the circumstances.