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50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:


In CrossFit, the double under is categorized as a neurological skill within the Ten General Physical Skills.

The ten skills make-up the breadth of adaptations we want athletes to exhibit and develop further with the CrossFit training program.

The neurological skills (coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance) are developed through practice.  The double under is  a great example.  One does not need to get stronger in order to perform the double under, they need to practice the motor recruitment pattern.

Many CrossFitters look to improve their benchmark times through the belief that they either need to get stronger or be able to run faster or breath harder.

But the low lying fruit of basic CrossFit skills is often overlooked!

Take for example today’s workout Annie.

It takes :26 seconds to perform 50 unbroken double unders; however, we know that when we struggle through 50 double unders it can take as long as 3:00 minutes, or more!

Extrapolate that out and the double unders in Annie if done unbroken could contribute just 1:18 seconds to your total time!  BUT a bunch of broken sets could mean 9:00 or more minutes!

On the whiteboard a 5;25 Annie can look like a completely different effort than a 14:25 Annie but when one realizes it was all in the double unders it becomes obvious that getting better at this one skill can make a tremendous difference.

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the “big sexy moves” in CrossFit and think that’s what will propel us to PRs and benchmark numbers, but don’t lose site of the low lying fruit in your pursuit of PRs!

And, check out the triple under video above!  Sweet!