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Harvest Hoedown Recap


Harvest Hoedown Recap

7 rounds for time of:
45-lb. dumbbell thrusters, 7 reps
15-ft. rope climb, 1 ascent

We'd like to send a big thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers that made Saturday's event possible.

We’d like to send a big thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers that made Saturday’s event possible.

Harvest Hoedown Recap

Shane and Ali recap the Harvest Hoedown!

29 teams came out to CrossFit Roots this past Saturday to throw down in CrossFit Roots’ first competition, the Harvest Hoedown! Coed teams of 2 went at it in 3 different WODs that spanned the entire day. The field was made up of 13 CrossFit Roots’ teams and 16 others from local CrossFit affiliates. What ensued was nothing short of a true hoedown!

Team SoCo athletes Jesse James and Stephanie Ortiz, quickly made themselves known as contenders when Jesse put up a 3RM front squat over 300lbs and Stephanie made light work of the shoulder to overhead reps in the AMRAP. Their hard-charging strength won first place by nearly 100 points over second place in Event 1, the Married-Bery’s.

Life of Riley Foods (LORF), comprised of Iron Dave and Abby Knowles, were at the top of their game all day. Dave’s rope climbing skills gave the team an early lead in Event 2, where they both then finished a 1 mile medball run to beat out Team SoCo, 2nd place in Event 2, by over 1 minute!

Event 3 was an all-out sprint. A great finale to the day! LORF and Team SoCo were neck and neck through much of the event but Team SoCo took the event win and the Harvest Hoedown victory when they posted a sub 6 minute time in this final event!

Married-Bery’s, couple Emmalee and Jason Teribery, took the 3rd place spot on the podium edging out 4th place team White Lightening from CrossFit 720 by only 1 point at the end of the day.

1st Place: Team SoCo – Stephanie Ortiz and Jessie James
2nd Place: LORF – Abby Knowles and David Lee
3rd Place: Married-Bery’s – Emmalee and Jason Teribery
See full results here and search Harvest Hoedown: WODRocket

One of the best highlights of the event was when Roots athlete Hailey Thompson fought to get the 95# bar to her shoulders to begin her shoulder to overhead reps in Event 1. It was a weight she had never cleaned, let alone gotten overhead, and after several fails she got angry enough to muscle the bar into position and split jerk it overhead. It was 2 PR’s in one workout for her! We didn’t have a “Most Heart” award but if we had she would have certainly received it. Maybe next year!

Ali and I are both very thankful for all the help we received from our volunteers. It was a great event and we couldn’t be anymore pleased with how it played-out. It was all made possible due to all the wonderful people that helped. In addition, we had some amazing sponsors that allowed us to give out what was, in my opinion, some of the best prizes at a local CrossFit competition.

We would like to acknowledge all of those who helped. Thank you all.


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3 Responses

  1. The Hoedown was so much fun! I’ve never been a witness to, or a judge at, any kind of live Crossfit competition. It was more amazing than I would’ve guessed. The heart, the strength and the smiles were super inspiring. Great work Shane & Ali! Totally awesome event!

  2. Jeff King

    Ali and Shane did a terrific job running this event. Very professionally run and a tonne of fun. The judging was also very good.
    My only complaint is that the wall balls are mislabeled. Mine felt like it weighed 100 pounds after the rope climbs. 🙂