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Holiday Party & Member Appreciation in TWO DAYS!


Holiday Party & Member Appreciation in TWO DAYS!

ANNOUNCEMENT!: The new garage doors are being installed TODAY.  Dress warm for the workouts as the doors will be missing during installation.

In teams of 5-6, complete 4 rounds, alternating runs and Cindy rounds, of:
Team 1: Run 800m
Team 2: Max rounds Cindy 
Team 1 runs while Team 2 simultaneously tries to accumulate as many rounds of Cindy as possible (all team members working at the same time).  As Team 1’s members return, they will each run in and tag a member of Team 2 of their choice.  When a person is tagged, they are “out” and no longer able to contribute rounds of Cindy to their team score.  At the completion of a round, the team doing rounds of Cindy will report their rounds.
Count only complete rounds of Cindy.  Team with most Cindy rounds wins.

Amy finds a new gear with thrusters during last week's Wood workout.

Holiday Party & Member Appreciation in Two Days!

Forget being a kid on Christmas Eve and be a kid on The Holiday Party Eve.  We’re so excited we’ll probably have a hard time going to sleep tomorrow night!

Here’s a recap of the daylong event:

WOD: The annual holiday workout.  “On the first day of Christmas…”

Throughout the day at classes: Roots Athlete Appreciation and Opening Celebration.  We’ll have giveaways, prizes, samples, and folks coming by to talk about recovery.  You don’t want to miss out on the fun.  Sign-up for class!

PARTY!: 6pm at the shop.  We are having the event catered so please bring a drink to share.

DANCING: Your hips are strong and they don’t lie!  Get ready to bust a move with the one and only DJ Double Under!

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