Follow these easy steps to sign-up for The Open and add yourself to CrossFit Roots’ affiliate team!

Step 1 – Register

Go to and register for The Open! Select CrossFit Roots as your affiliate during your registration process.

Step 2 – Add Yourself to CrossFit Roots’ Affiliate Team

We have ONE affiliate team. Once registered add yourself to our team!

Step 3 – Add Your Name to the Whiteboard!

On the left most whiteboard, you’ll notice some fine artwork that reads “Are YOU Signed Up for The Open?” Once registered, grab a dry erase marker and sign your name to the board!

Each year over 160 athletes at Roots sign-up to do The Open. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s just as much fitness party as it is challenging.

Step 4 – Say You’re IN on SugarWOD

Scroll down below the workout of the day and let us know that you’re IN for The Open!

Step 5 – Consider Taking the Judges Course

Our awesome staff of volunteer judges help us make this event all that it is! Consider volunteering to judge and expand your knowledge and understanding of CrossFit movements in the process! Read more here.