Join us tonight to hear firsthand about the 2018 Food Challenge presented by OptimizeMe Nutrition and Roots.
And, in case you needed convincing, here are the Top 5 reasons YOU should come:

1. There will be free food.

Whether you’re a starving college student or you don’t have anything planned for dinner, Boulder Kitchen Collective will be on-site sampling menu items from the challenge-approved meal prep service. That’s right, you can have fully-prepared challenge-approved food prepared for you throughout the challenge – and for a totally reasonable price! See here for more details.

2. It sets the tone for your challenge.

Sure, you can watch from home and if you absolutely have to do that, we get it. But if you can walk, run, drag yourself across town to hear the information first-hand. There’s a pretty cool energy and vibe that occurs at Chalk Talks and we wouldn’t’ want you to miss out on this opportunity to draw from some added motivation and excitement.

3. You can ask ALL the questions.

Questions are always better answered from the horse’s mouth. Do avocados count? What about french fries? I’ve got (enter large important social event) during the challenge, how do I handle it? What if I mix onions and broccoli together, can I weigh them together? What about kombucha? What about green tea? Should I aim to eat a certain amount of green leafy vegetables? You get the point.

4. All of your challenge friends will be there.

You might not know them yet, but the folks who are participating in the challenge will be there. Come meet, mingle, and find a buddy to help keep you on track through the challenge.

5. We closed the gym for this hour.

Nutrition is the base of the CrossFit pyramid. Over and over we see that the athletes who thrive in the gym and drive their health and fitness forward over years of CrossFit, are the ones who commit to their nutrition just as much as they commit to their workouts. We believe that coming to this talk is part of an ongoing conversation about food, health, and fitness.
The Theoretical Hierarchy of the Development of an athlete, also know as the CrossFit pyramid, is a visual representation of the elements that go into the pursuit of health and fitness. To quote the What is Fitness article:

“This hierarchy largely reflects foundational dependence, skill, and to some degree, time ordering of development. The logical flow is from molecular foundations, cardiovascular sufficiency, body control, external object control, and ultimately mastery and application. This model has the greatest utility in analyzing athletes’ shortcomings or difficulties.We don’t deliberately order these components but nature will. If you have a deficiency at any level of “the pyramid” the components above will suffer” (What is Fitness, CrossFit Journal, October 2002).

That last sentence “If you have a deficiency at any level of “the pyramid” the components above will suffer” should remind us that we can’t out exercise a bad diet.

“Ok, ok Nicole, I’m in but I STILL can’t make it to the Chalk Talk.”

Tune into our Facebook page at 5pm and we’ll be streaming the talk LIVE. Send us your questions via the LIVE feed and we’ll answer.

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