On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, CrossFit Roots will perform The CrossFit Total in all group classes. The CrossFit Total is extremely important to us. It helps us, your coaches, to track your progress, evaluate the Roots programming, and scale your workouts appropriately.


It’s the sum of your (unbelted, so don’t ask) one rep max deadlift, back squat, and shoulder press. The CrossFit Total protocol consists of taking 3 attempts to find your heaviest lift for each movement. The combined total of these movements is then used to see where you stack up in your journey from beginner to advanced athlete. It’s also a great way to check-in with past numbers and set a benchmark for the year ahead.


You can read more about The CrossFit Total (and we ask that you DO!), its protocol, and rules (yes, there are a few rules) HERE. We do understand that the article does state that the CrossFit Total must be performed in one session; however, given the structure of group class and time limitations to properly warm-up and perform the movements, we will spread it over two days. 
We’ll test the following 1 rep maxes on each day:
Wednesday – back squat and shoulder press
Thursday – deadlift


A planned effort can yield incredible results! A haphazard approach will yield a less than optimal experience filled with scrambling, high levels of stress, and general feelings of frustration.
That’s why we’ve created this SUPER HANDY CrossFit Total worksheet. That’s right, we made a spreadsheet – weird, right?
Take the time to print and complete this worksheet prior to your class on Wednesday and Thursday. This worksheet will help you to plan out your warm-up, approach, and 3 max effort attempts. We’ll follow the same percentage progression in class as what’s listed on the sheet.
Whether you are an experienced lifter or a CrossFit Total first-timer, you can benefit from completing this worksheet!
As a note, this is a guide!  Do not get married to your 3 attempts, you can kiss them, but just don’t get all tied down. If your first rep feels super heavy, adjust accordingly.
Click HERE to open our CrossFit Total Worksheet. DON’T WRITE IN IT. Please follow the instructions in the red box to download your own copy. Simply enter your goal weights in the yellow boxes and the sheet will auto calculate your numbers. Whoa.


CrossFit Total
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
Total Schedule:
Wednesday, January 18 – back squat and shoulder press
Thursday, January 19 – deadlift
GET PUMPED! And don’t miss out on this great benchmark. Questions? Post to comments.