Have you signed-up yet?! For The Open!
The 2017 season is upon us and it’s time for our annual check-in. Five weeks of whatever Dave Castro can dream up coming at you – LIVE and in CrossFit color. For some, it’s a qualifier to the next round of the CrossFit Games, but for most of us, it’s another chance to throw down  with our close friends, on an experience that takes us to new heights and comfort zones. There will be nervous energy, firsts, and PR’s, and in the end we’ll come out feeling accomplishment and inspired to tackle the year ahead.

I had just started CF and was excited to be involved in something that gave me an idea of what it was all about. Since we were doing the workout in class on Friday anyway, there was really no reason not to sign up.  ~ Abby Jacobs

We’ve heard every reason for why people don’t think they should do it, and 99.99% of the time, we’ve debunked them. Yes, you can put a ton of pressure on yourself and compare yourself to the entire world of CrossFit and be bummed and beat yourself up for only being in the top 30-50% (which is silly when you consider that by doing CrossFit alone you’re already better off than those who do nothing.). Or, you can use it as a learning tool, another chance to push the edges of your boundaries, try something completely new and scary, “thrive off of shared fitness stoke”, and come out stronger in the end.

  • Too old? B.S. Look around the shop. And there are age divisions for 40 and overs.
  • Injured? There’s a scaled division and your Coaches will help you every way possible as in any other workout.
  • Too new? What better way to learn! And see above about your Coaches taking care of you.
  • Because it costs money? It’s $20! You’ve paid more to run 5k, and with strangers.
  • Because you don’t like people watching you? Come to the morning and noon classes, you’ll workout like any other day except finally, you get a rep counter!
  • Too lame? Maybe so, but you probably don’t have anything going down on Friday anyway, so come join us!
  • Don’t/Can’t come on Fridays? We’ll have a makeup on Mondays at lunchtime. (more on this in a later post)
  • Out of town a lot? Help us, help you. We’ll work together to get it done, but if you are on the road, you can checkout any CrossFit’s in the area and possibly do it there, but call ahead.

I hadn’t planned to do it last year because I was not in “shape” to have a great result. However, the energy, camaraderie, spirit, and excitement of the community and the workouts themselves moved me to sign up the day of! It’s just fun.  ~ Charlie Merrill

“I wish I had never done The Open”, said no one ever. Still not convinced – more great links below! Ask the people next to you in your next class and find out for yourself. It’s fun, it’s tough, it’s scary, it’s satisfying, it’s motivating, it’s exhilarating…

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