Hi Everyone,

Here’s an update regarding our reopening! We’ve tried to keep it brief so it’s an easy read!


Earlier this week we sent out details on our reopening as well as our policies and procedures. If you haven’t already, read this post.

In it we cover:

  • Reopening
  • Boulder County Guidelines
  • Environment
  • Employees
  • Athletes
  • Check-in Procedure
  • Equipment Return


Beginning Monday, May 18th we will offer two programming tracks; Shop and Minimal Equipment

  • The Shop workout will be the workout of the day done at CrossFit Roots
  • The Minimal Equipment workout will be a continuation of the current minimal equipment offering, which can be done at home.

Minimal Equipment will continue to rely on the following: 

  • Running (biking or rowing if you have access to those objects)
  • Abmat or towel for sit-ups
  • Kettlebell, slamball, or a set of DBs

Classes and Schedule

Beginning Monday, we will offer 6 group classes daily with a maximum capacity of 7 people (check MBO on Saturday morning for class sign-up).

We will expand the class schedule over the next two weeks (not to exceed 10 people in the gym at any given time and ensuring 6 feet of social distancing at all times).

As a quick reminder, class sign-up opens 7 days in advance. Please remember to cancel yourself out of any class you are not able to make 2 hours prior to the start of the class.

Class Attendance Limitations

At this point in time, we are not requesting that you come to class (only) a certain number of times per week. With our decreased membership size, smaller classes, changes to schedule and routine, and variation on people’s comfort levels in coming back to class, we will monitor this closely and evaluate this as we go.

Online Classes

As we open our physical space and offer more classes we will decrease the number of online options. We would appreciate your input as we navigate this next phase of combining in-person and online options.

The survey will be sent out on Thursday evening. We will also post the link in SugarWOD and on Facebook.