It’s hard to believe that we shut our doors 8 weeks ago. To say that we are excited to announce our reopening is an understatement. We’re so excited we can’t sleep!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Friday Brief – your questions were helpful and will continue to move us toward a safe, thorough, and efficient reopening. 

Please take some time to read through the important information below. 


We will reopen on Wednesday, May 13th. We will open with a limited class schedule for this week to get our feet under us. The purpose of the limited class schedule and (extremely) small class size is to ensure our procedures and protocols are correct and repeatable. In addition, it will allow us to make sure we can maintain the necessary cleaning and health-related supplies based on supply and demand.

We will continue to make additions to the schedule as long as we feel we can do so responsibly.

Sign-up for Class Here. Or on the MBO app.

Boulder County Guidelines

We will follow Boulder County’s guidelines for reopening. We will offer two services; private training and very small classes.

This will happen under the guidance from Boulder County that; no more than 10 people will be in our space at any given time (to include staff and athletes). All services will ensure a minimum social distance of 6 feet at all times. Athletes and staff will wear masks.


  • We will keep the doors and garage doors open at all times to ensure ventilation – please dress appropriately.
  • Bathrooms are available for use; however, the water cooler, couches, lounge, and cubbies will be unavailable for use.


  • Coaches will wear masks at all times while on the shop floor


  • Athletes are required to wear masks while inside of the shop.
  • Athletes can bring a bag or personal item but it will be stored within their 10×10 foot training space.

Check-in Process

The class check-in process will include:

  • Socially distanced waiting line outside
  • Temperature check (touch-less)
  • Symptom check
  • Check-in for class (will be done manually by the coach)
  • Hand washing
  • Working out in an assigned and taped off 10×10 foot space

Equipment Return

We are currently recalling barbells and bumpers only, and on a need-based recall only. For now, we invite you to keep the other equipment you have such that you can continue to incorporate at-home training into your week as we work back to a larger schedule.

Online Offerings

We will continue to offer virtual training options as we move back to the gym. We do plan to decrease the number of online options as our in-person capacity increases. We will continue to offer our “on-demand” (pre-recorded) class (via Fiteo) with minimal equipment for the foreseeable future.

For this week, our Zoom class offerings will stay the same.

Odds and Ends

  1. Due to limited capacity, we will no longer offer punchcards or drop-in options. If you are a current punchcard holder and would like to move to a membership, please email Jenni at [email protected].
  2. At this time, we are not accepting new members until we can understand our projected capacity and needs to serve our current clientele. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate our reopening.
  3. Open Gym, Specialty classes, double classes are all canceled until we are permitted to have multiple classes at one time.
  4. Please note that is it a MUST that you sign-up for class in advance. There is no waitlist. Due to obvious reasons, we will not be able to add individuals to a full class. Please remember to cancel yourself out of a class if you are no longer able to attend. We appreciate your help with this.