Week 1 of the CrossFit Open proved to be well, much like other first weeks of the CrossFit Open.

There was a workout, it was really fucking hard, some people redid it, we all had fun, and we’re all fitter for it.

Things really heat up this week as we introduce the first Challenge Event. Did somebody say Sudoku? Can your math skills help propel your team to greatness? Only time will tell.

Team You Got Wood Sits in First

After a hefty dose of competition, Team You Got Wood sits in first place. All teams are in the thick of it as we head into our second week of competition.

Team Full Body WAX took home additional points (not included here) in the overall points tally by correctly guessing one movement in 20.1 for the Coaches’ Week 1 Challenge Event.

Women’s Rx

Once again, Roots proves that it has a lot of fit women. The Greatest Team Ever, Tribute Team took home both the top two spots in the women’s rankings. Rossi proved that she loves burpees and Snapp showed some grit as she worked through the end rounds after coming out FAST AS HELL on the first few rounds.

Women’s Scaled

You Got Wood took home both the top two spots in the Scaled division. Both women are part of the Endurance program at Roots and proved that you can actually be somewhat good at CrossFit and do that running thing;).

Men’s Rx

This will surprise most everyone but Connor took home first in the Men’s Rx Division. James finished 5 minutes later.

Men’s Scaled

Bob takes home the top spot after going 9 seconds faster than his coach, Dave who took home the second top spot!

Don’t miss the LIVE announcement tonight to learn your fate for 20.2. Head on over to games.crossfit.com for more!