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It’s a HoliDAY.


It’s a HoliDAY.

Three rounds for time of:
Row 1000 meters
Run 800 meters
Option 1: perform individually
Option 2: complete in teams of two.  If done in teams of two, must complete row in 250 increments and run in 200m increments (trading off with partner)

It’s a HoliDAY (not a HoliWEEK or HoliMONTH)

The holidays are a wonderful part of the year, but it would be silly not to acknowledge their ability to derail all the good stuff you’ve worked hard for over the past year. From holiday parties (ok Roots can take some responsibility), school celebrations, and gifts of food, to the overall feeling of celebration the weeks surrounding the holidays can send us into a downward spiral of missed workouts and consecutive evenings of overindulgence that last well beyond the season.

For many, food is an integral part of holiday celebration.  Food is fuel but it also has cultural significance and the holidays highlight this like no other.  The hard part is making the distinction between the food we really love and the insane amount of holiday crap that fills our worlds during the holiday span.  The other difficult part is getting back on you A game after the holiDAY.  Notice the emphasis of “day” as it’s not a holiWEEK or holiMONTH.

As we wrap up one holiday and move on to the next this season we want to remind you that now is the time to return to your better habits.  Make the decision today.  Get rid of the holiday chocolate, candy, and leftover junk so that you’re not tempted.  Believe us, you will be tempted.

Also, use the skills you’ve acquired over the past year to identify the good stuff vs. the brightly colored enticing processed crap.  Eat Mom’s delicious breakfast casserole and avoid the grocery store holiday jelly filled red, white, and green sprinkled donuts that someone brings to your office post-holiday (to get it out of their house).

You’ve got one more week most likely of celebration and holiday food.  Here are five recommendations to a successful holiday finish.  No, this isn’t a cheesy list for how to stay lean over the holidays and we don’t offer any gimmicks.  That would be silly.  Can you add any to the list?  Post to comments.

Five Reminders for a Respectable Holiday Season Finish

1. Make the distinction between quality holiday pleasures and pure processed brightly colored crap – you’re better than processed crap.
2. If you have to justify or reason with yourself why you should be allowed to eat something, you’re on the wrong track – folks do this all the time, “we’re on vacation – let’s get sundaes” or “I’m going to do a long workout tomorrow, so it’s ok to eat two bowels of ice cream” or “If I eat this today, I’ll get back on track tomorrow, promise!”
3. Give yourself some leeway on the holiDAY, but remember, it’s a holiDAY, not a holiWEEK, or holiMONTH.  Get back with the program the VERY next day.
4. Put REAL food in your body.  Chips Ahoy Holiday themed cookies are not real food.  
5. Honor your wellness.  I have no idea exactly what I mean by that but the phrase just came to me and it sounded good.