In the world of fitness and sport, there is training and there is practice. We do both in class each day. One of the ways we practice is through designated skill work.

You can learn more about skill work and why we do it here in this blog post.

Within every skill set written below, there is a specific progression to get to the end result. This is where the magic happens. Take the time to get in the reps, work at your level, and take on these incremental challenges that add up to big results over time!

Here’s what we’ll tackle for the next few months – some repeat and some are new arrangements. We aim to incorporate skill work into the programming 3-4 times per week; however, the specific class workouts of each week determine the total number of times and the order. We change up the skill work every 2-4 months!

Toes-to-Bar Skill Work

2 Rounds and 40-sec On / 20-sec Off at each exercise*:
a. V-Ups (full V-up w/ straight legs or tuck-up by bending knees)
b. Plank knee-to-elbows (plank from hands, slowly touch the knee to same side elbow, alternate sides, feet wider is harder)
c. Piked leg lifts
* Series takes 6-min total, there is no break between rounds


On an 8-minute running clock, accumulate 8×1 MU eccentric lowers. Aim to lower for 5-10 seconds at a controlled and consistent pace throughout.

Handstand Push-up

Accumulate 4 sets of 3 reps of a 3-sec lower + 1-sec up strict handstand push-up. Athletes should go to a deficit if they have made it through the sequence without failure. 

Rope Climb

On a 6-minute running clock, accumulate 1 rope climb and 20-sec L-sit hold. 


For 5 minutes, accumulate as many 5-sec chest-to-bar flexed arm hangs and bent arm flexed arm hangs as possible. Rest as needed between sets. Alternate back and forth between the two holds. 

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