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Judging for The Open – Ahead of the Curve!


Judging for The Open – Ahead of the Curve!

For time:
155 pound Snatch, 9 reps
Run 1200m
155 pound Snatch, 15 reps
Run 800m
155 pound Snatch, 21 reps
Run 400m

Judging for The Open

If you remember from last year, we required that anyone who judged athletes for Open scores had to have passed the online judges course.

This year, CrossFit has made it mandatory that anyone who plans to advance to the Regional level (individual and team) must use a certified judge.

We were happily overjoyed last year with the number of athletes at Roots who stepped up to the challenge and took the course.  Not only were they able to help out during The Open but many of them gained a deeper understanding of what is required in some of the standard CrossFit movements.  Think of it as part of your CrossFit athlete development!

So, calling all judges!  The judges course is available here.

From the CrossFit Games website: 

The 2014 edition of the CrossFit Judges Course will be released on January 15, 2014.

The course is mandatory for anyone who plans to judge at Regionals. It is also required for Affiliate Managers who will be validating scores during the Open.

The intent of the course is to set expectations for judging athletes during competition and to review common movement standards. The course will also have revised scenarios where you will watch short segments of a workout and be asked to provide the correct score.

All Regional Judges and Affiliate Managers, including those who passed the course last year, will have to take the 2014 edition of the CrossFit Judges Course. Those who took the course in 2013 will have the US$10 registration fee waived for this year.

If you plan on doing your Open workouts at an affiliate, you are encouraged to use a registered judge, but it is not required for most participants. Only athletes who plan on advancing to Regionals are required to use a registered judge. Those athletes will also need to submit a video of one of their workouts at the end of the Open, and to claim any prize money if they take the top score worldwide. Again, most participants in the Open will not need to video their workouts.