First off, thanks to Tosh for coming out and coaching our group yesterday morning.  In the process of getting set-up I forgot to give him a proper introduction, which I realized when a few of you later asked me, “who was that guy that coached us?” Brian Chontosh (Tosh) is a badass CrossFitter and technique driven coach (as two of you pointed out) who works with CrossFit in a variety of ways.  While we didn’t get to see him workout, he has a pretty fun video on the games website if you want to check it out. 

On to Whole Foods… 

Last week at Whole Foods an unhealthily small woman in workout clothes heaved her basket onto the conveyor belt.  Glancing inside it, I surveyed her food:

2 bottles of Mix1
3 bananas
4 yogurts, fruit flavored, fat free
3 bars
potato chips
a boxed slice of Whole Foods pizza

If I had to choose one word to summarize her purchases it would be “diabetes,” but I suppose a more accurate representation would be “carbohydrates.”  Everything in her basket was carbs.  

Mix1 is crap, the third ingredient is sugar!  What’s more is that it costs $2-something a bottle and all of Boulder runs around drinking it thinking that because the company sponsors a cycling team it must be a healthy drink.  Wrong.  The fat free yogurt is practially diabetes in a small plastic container and the bars are fortified with so many vitamins and minerals that I refuse to classify them as food.  

I could go on but my points are three:

1. Just because you shop at Whole Foods doesn’t mean you are healthy OR eating well.  It doesn’t grant you free reign to eat anything in the store.  You still have to select healthy, nutritious, performance-enhancing, healthy food.
2. There is a TON of junk food at Whole Foods.  Unfortunately, junk food made with organic ingredients does not make it healthy. 
3. If you don’t want diabetes or a host of other diseases later in life, stick to the CrossFit dietary prescription: eat garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar.

As Emily would say, “Do it.”