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Just Finish.


Just Finish.

Five rounds for time of:
10 Toes to bar
10 Power snatch (75 lbs)
10 Wall ball shots (20 lbs)

Tracie offers encouragement and takes inspiration from Maggie “Just FInishing”.

Just Finish.

We’ve all been there. Those days when it takes all you can do to just get to the door. Then, you look at the workout and it is the exact opposite of the workouts you like. Then, you go to get dressed and your favorite socks are still wet from the day before (yuk.) ┬áNevertheless, you tell yourself that you are just going to warm up and maybe you will feel better. Before you know it, you are face to face with the “3-2-1 GO!” moment and you are no more sure of your desire or ability to complete the workout than you were when you walked in. But still, you start. You silence the voices during the first round that suggest perhaps today just isn’t meant to be. You resist the desire to disappear silently to the bathroom and try again tomorrow. You keep chipping away until you find yourself closer to the end than the beginning and somehow you Just Finish.

I had one of those days recently where I planned my workout, warmed up, and loaded my working weight on the bar. Then, the voices of doubt kicked in. I got 4 reps into my workout and quit. That’s right. I quit. I broke down my barbell and left feeling worse for having tried. Yes, the barbell was heavy. Yes, I was having an off-day. I probably hadn’t slept enough, eaten quite right, or perhaps I had had 1 too many drinks the night before. Regardless, my critical error was that I was trying to go it on my own. A few days later, I had the privilege of witnessing the scene above. I watched one of our athletes persevere through bonking and puking to finish a beast of a workout minutes after everyone else was done. It was inspiring and reminded me of the power of the community. It’s the reason I’ll be appearing in 4 group WODs a week for the foreseeable future.

Has there ever been a time when the only thing that kept you going was the camaraderie around you? Post to comments and be inspired.

10 Responses

  1. I like yelling. Finishing faster means I get to yell ­čÖé
    For real though, reading this made me think of those dreadful double pushup burpees. When I was struggling as the last person to finish someone got down next to me and did the pushups with me. Go team! Super duper gang!
    Unrelated, but wanted to post this link about the San Fransisco 49ers stretching and squatting their way to one of the lowest injury rates.

  2. Katie

    Yup, love the people and the coaches at Roots, each has delivered a healthy dose of encouragement just as my mind says no mas!. Since I am often one of the last people to finish I get so much inspiration from the kick ass / strong people (who are also working hard) that are busting out a killer workout around me. Gives me something to shoot for. Thanks, all!

    1. DITTO!! Hearing folks cheer me on when I’m bringing up the rear (more often than not up until now — how’s that for a positive outlook, lol?!) is what keeps me going until I do finish. And what Keeps. Me. Coming. Back. BOOM!

  3. Most WODs, the only thing keeping me going is the community and the belief that I need to try to show up for those amazing souls around me who always seem to show up in ways that both inspire and humble me.

  4. Byron

    There is a motivational power to the group WOD setting that I cannot duplicate when working out on my own. This element of crossfit benefits me more than anything.

  5. MaggieLynn

    Eep! That’s me up there. Paradoxically both a shining moment and not a shining moment. Hints: Eat something before you work out in the morning, scale if you should. I was amazed by the true support I got from Tracie, Ryan, and not least the whole class that day! I’ve always been scared to “look stupid” in front of people while being physically active. Crossfit has completely changed that….everyone there is so fully in it regardless of their level it inspires you to new levels! And, I’ve realized we all look kinda stupid when broad jumping to get jumpropes, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing… ­čÖé Thanks to all!!

  6. Caitlin Brady

    Being at Roots rocks! I’m pretty sure at long as Nicole was yelling at my I could front squat heavier every damn time. BUT…I’m gonna change the pace and say I dig working out with my guy. My man doesn’t live in Boulder so we don’t get to enjoy a workout together often, but when we do I love it! Working out next to him pushes me. I know some couples part ways when they walk in the gym door and do their own thing (which is cool), but working out with Daniel makes me work harder, go faster, and lift heavier. He’s a Xfit trainer too so we’ve had the luxury of working out on our own when I visit him and it’s those workouts I look forward to the most! When one of us slows down or hits a wall the other person is right there to encourage the other to keep going, keep moving, and just finish. (Or leave you alone and let you walk it out when you miss your goal of going sub-30min on a workout b/c you ate it on a box jump, ripped the skin off your shin and slowed your time down by a minute or two b/c you walked a lap before you attempted that again: a workout I probably wouldn’t have finished on my own as I watched the welt appear.) Whoever finishes first sticks it out right there with the other until the last rep is complete. Don’t get me wrong! I love the group WODs b/c I know we’re all always there to cheer each other on; but when it hurts the most, Daniel is the best at seeing me through a WOD.

  7. JimR

    Sense of community was one of the biggest and most unexpected pleasures I found in CrossFit. It keeps me going; makes me smile; and sometimes just helps me count to 5!
    It fuels me on and off the court (or hard rubber mats as it were).