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Kipping the Dip


Kipping the Dip

10 rounds of:
30 seconds of rowing
Rest 30 seconds
30 seconds of ring dips
Rest 30 seconds

Kipping the Dip

Today’s workout involves ring dips and you can kip the dip.

Kipping, in any movement, simply means you can use your hip joint to aide in the movement.

In the case of the ring dip, the athlete can close the hip violently to help provide elevation and lift out of the bottom of the dip, decreasing the work done by the triceps.

To kip a ring dip: 
1. Set the rings to a height such that when at the bottom of the dip with your legs straight, your feet do not touch the ground at all.
2. Practice lowering to the bottom of the dip with your legs straight.  Many athletes become an accordion!  As they lower to the bottom of the dip they pull their knees to their chest so that they are a ball at the bottom of the dip.  Do you do this?
3. From this bottom position, practice aggressively pulling the knees upward to the point that it creates elevation in you body
4. Then put it all together and after the knees aggressively pull up, add a press out with the arms

Timing and patience are a big component of the kipping ring dip.  Many athletes speed up and end up trying to kick their feet to the floor in order to go up.  Let physics go to work for you and master the knee drive up in your kipping ring dip!