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Level 7: Eat Grass Fed/Finished, Organic, Natural, Pasture Fed, Wild Caught Meats Only


Level 7: Eat Grass Fed/Finished, Organic, Natural, Pasture Fed, Wild Caught Meats Only

Erik F. is having a little bit of trouble finding Paleo WTF Level 9 options at the UMC on the Colorado campus.  Nicole and Shane will meet him in the UMC cafeteria today at 1:45pm for a walk through and meal alteration lesson.  If you’re on campus at that time, come on by!

Back Squat: 75% x 5, 80% x 5, 85% x max
run 100m
kb swing x 10
run 100m
kb swing x 9….down to 1

Level 7: Eat Grass Fed/Finished, Organic, Pasture Raised, and Wild Caught Meats Only

“What you eat eats matters too.”

So maybe you’re beginning to buy-in on this whole idea of what our bodies were designed to eat and not eat.  Have you ever stopped to think about what a cow was designed to eat?  What about a chicken? A pig?  Nah, what does that have to do with what I eat, nothing….WRONG.

At some point in the not so distant past we decided that quantity was more important than quality, and we put profit before health. Farmers began feeding their animals anything that would fatten them up quicker and lower costs. Living in America, we immediately turned to what we had most of; corn and grain. Some take it to further extremes by feeding their cattle stale candy. It’s very cheap and is really good at making animals fat (can you think of another example where candy made a population fat?  Just sayin’). In the late 90’s some farmers took it to even further extremes by feeding their cattle scrap meat from cattle that had already been slaughtered. Now that is cost-cutting! Ever hear of mad cow disease?

What’s wrong with this diet? Well, compare those practices with living off of a diet that wasn’t designed for your body. Your health gets all out of whack and everyday a new disease is discovered. Farmers combated this with antibiotics to go along with the steroids they were already serving. What this means for us carnivores is a meat product that is higher in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories and lower in vitamins, minerals and the-already-lacking-from-our-diet omega-3 fatty acids.

If the health side of things isn’t enough to convince you consider the lives of the animals you eat. Wouldn’t you rather a cow have the ability to graze on fresh grass, drink clean water, and enjoy a healthy life before it meets it’s end and finds it’s way onto your plate? They’re kind of a big deal as far as survival of the human race is concerned.

When you’re eating at home you want to shoot for grass-fed/finished beef, free range chicken, pasture raised eggs, and wild caught fish. If you’re not sure what kind of diet an animal normally eats, google it and take what you’ve learned with you to the grocery store. We understand that when you’re out at a restaurant you do not have as much control over such matters but Boulder has some damn good restaurants that still place quality over quantity, so do your best.


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  1. Fraser

    The horror, how do you get tempted into a presentation about on the delights of ISCSI storage with a partner bit level back up platform ? You host it at a brewery, yours truly signed up for the aforementioned presentation months before a paleo challenge was even a twinkle in Nicole’s wedding addled cranium. Yep 4 – 6+ this afternoon I was at the Avery with the Brew master giving away free beer flights to match the honey BBQ chicken, and extolling the virtues of “the beast” for lifting the oils off your palette from your chocolate drenched brownie…. I survived but I was astoundingly tempted…