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Lift % Sheets – Get Yours Today!


Lift % Sheets – Get Yours Today!

10 sets:
10 box jumps
5 front squats
Perform one set every minute on the minute.

Congratulations to Ryan and his wife Stephanie on the arrival of Mikayla.

Lift % Sheets.

Lift sheets:
Shane put together handy sheets to use for the next 12 weeks in regard to our strength cycle.  Print it out.  Put it in a zip lock bag.  Bring it to class everyday.  Don’t spend your lifting sets computing numbers, that’s so not cool.

Download here.


6 Responses

  1. Molly Molter

    Hi Colin or Faye,
    How can we search for all of our entries by our name on the Whiteboard app? Thanks!

    1. Collin

      or you can click on the Athletes page in the left sidebar and find your profile