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Looked Good Naked Sign-up.


Looked Good Naked Sign-up.


Squat Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

Welcome back Patrick!

Looked Good Naked Sign-up.

Sign-up for the Look Good Naked Challenge opens today.

Click here to register.

Read below for an overview of the challenge.  For ALL the in-depth details, click here.

Here’s a quick overview of the challenge:

  • Strictly Paleo with a Paleo/Zone option 
  • Before and after indicators including mobile hydrostatic body fat testing 
  • 40-day challenge
  • Food log monitoring guidance and feedback on an every 2 day basis
  • Resources including weekly meal plans and shopping lists
  • Required shop attendance
  • Awesome prizes for challenge winners (male and female)
PLEASE NOTE!: Be sure you will be able to attend BOTH the intake and outtake hydrostatic testing days before signing up for the challenge!
  • Monday, April 16th – mobile hydrostatic body fat testing and Challenge Meeting at 7:00 AM or 6:00 PM (mandatory)
  • Thursday, May 31 – mobile hydrostatic body fat retest, prizes awarded, and challenge end at the May Cool Cruel Summer Benchmark WOD evening event!

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