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Making it Work


Making it Work

8 minute AMRAP
5 squat cleans
10 box jumps – 24/30

Making it Work

During the course of a day there are countless things than can happen which can screw up our ability or desire to hit a workout.  There are the small daily obstacles that we overcome such as being tired, weighing getting in another hour of work completed vs. hitting the WOD, or just not liking the workout; however, we usually overcome those barriers with little thought.

But then there are the larger barriers such as work meetings that run long, sick kids, overall fatigue or lack of sleep, car sharing, flat tires, forgetting workout attire, or the day that just plain falls to pieces.

We know that some Roots folks have gone to some pretty extreme measures to ensure they make it to a workout.  One athlete even cancelled her oral surgery so she could do Cindy!  What are some of the things you’ve done to get in your daily WOD?

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  1. Hey guys…Verve is hosting a great fundraiser to pay tribute to the 31 soldiers who lost their lives in the Chinook helicopter crash.  They are holding it on Saturday, September 3rd, with proceeds going to the Navy SEAL foundation and others to benefit those who gave their lives.  It’s a great event for a great cause!

    Info here:

  2. One of my colleagues is in hospital at the end of a very short and brutal battle with stage 4 lung cancer. I have been down at Rose Medical Center every day this week visiting him, and had to late cancel on Monday because I was down there for so long. Yesterday, I had to take some medical documents to him and his wife. Needless to say, I was spent after getting back to Boulder, and the thought of doing Bradley almost made me cry. I made it to the shop and gave it my best shot, in honor of my colleague, who was a badass Navy pilot in Vietnam. Needless to say, I felt a hell of a lot better afterwards. As Piper and I were discussing after the WOD yesterday, sometimes turning your brain off and getting through a workout is the best remedy for acute stress.