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MBS Turkey Challenge November 17-18


MBS Turkey Challenge November 17-18

3 rounds for time:
50 box jumps
5 muscle-ups

Dizon, Chad, Nicole, Ali, and Walker made up the Roots team that last year won the team Turkey Challenge competition.

MBS Turkey Challenge November 17-18

Mark your calendars!  The MBS Turkey Challenge is back for TWO days this fall just down the road at MBS CrossFit in Broomfield Colorado.

The competition sports both an individual and team option.  CrossFit Roots will be looking to defend their 2012 team title!

Sign-ups will go FAST so mark your calendar for September 17th at 9:00am if you plan to register!

Details here. 


6 Responses

  1. Chris Dizon

    I’m pissed that I wont be able to participate and defend our medal this year. I had a ton of fun last year. I hope you all consider participating in this either with the team or as an individual. You wont regret it.

  2. Brian Pryor

    No Dizon and no “The Beard” this year. Please tell me all our hopes do not now lie with Jake “No Rep” Durling. Blaine, do you have a brother?

  3. Alison Minton

    Aww, so fun!! And Walker, re: our conversation about your hair yesterday… I think you should reconsider the shoulder length.

  4. JakeDurling

    Anyone remember (no rep): when we register (no rep), do we have to as an individual (no rep) or can we register (no rep) and then group together as a team (no rep)?

  5. Heather Szabo

    I’m planning to register in the “open” category, NOT Rx. Anyone else interested in an “open” team?