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Meet a Coach: Here's Ali.


Meet a Coach: Here's Ali.

11 Min AMRAP:
11 Chest to bar pull-ups
75 pound Front Squat, 22 reps

Ali enjoys the Colorado mountains almost as much as a long met-con.


Meet a Coach: Here’s Ali.

What does your non-Roots world consist of?

Most of you know that I LOVE Colorado and like to enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities in my free time.  Typically, my boyfriend Rick (some of you might know him from the 6:30 am class) and I spend our weekends hiking, backpacking, mountain/road biking, off roading in the Jeep and/or skiing.  I love photography and always have a camera along.  Our house is filled with photos from all of our adventures.  Since my outdoor time has been limited lately, our lives have been consumed with watching the entire LOST series and playing with our cat (don’t tell him he’s not a person), Alex.

 What sort of athletic endeavors have you or do you participate in outside of CrossFit?

As a little kid I primarily did dance, gymnastics and track.  I dabbled in basketball and softball, but ball sports really aren’t my thing.  My competitive sports days ended midway through high school and I eventually started working out at a Gold’s Gym.  During college here at CU, I started running a TON and did a few races, but was eventually sidelined by an injury, which is how I later found CrossFit!  Now my primary athletic endeavors outside of CrossFit revolve around mountains – hiking them, biking them, skiing them!  I did 2 road races on my road bike last year… that was interesting and probably won’t be repeated this year.  One of my goals is to do a mountain bike race someday. 

 What is your favorite CrossFit workout? Why?

Anything that’s on the longer side with a medium load – plays to my strengths!  Of the girls, I would probably say Helen.

 Least Favorite?

Hmm, I don’t really have a least favorite!  Let’s just say that when the burpees or wallballs are the easiest thing in a workout, I probably am not a huge fan.

 What’s the dumbest or most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done at the gym?

Well, I’m going to have to go with turning around at the speed bump and breaking my foot as the dumbest thing I’ve ever done – gym or not. 

What are your personal performance goals for 2013?

My number one goal is to get healthy and stay healthy.  I’d love for a Roots team to qualify for Regionals this year!  Outside of CrossFit I’d like to improve my mountain bike skills and hike a bunch more 14ers.


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