4 rounds with 3min rest between:
30 double-unders
20 step-ups (24/20)
30 kb swings (1.5/1)


Allison is heels over head for CrossFit!

1. Vitals: Allison Smith, joined in August 2015
2. Where were you born/raised? Northern Virginia
3. Married, kids, family? Just a mischievous kitten named Tellie
4. What do your days consist of? Registered Dietitian by day and food lover/beer connoisseur by night. I work at CU Boulder with Campus Dining Services and I love everything nutrition, food, and cooking!
5. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit? I never stop getting better! Even after 5 years of CrossFit I am always hitting PRs and learning new skills.
6. What is your least favorite thing about CrossFit? T-Rex arms (when I do too many pull ups and can’t fully extend my arms for a few days after) and not being able to walk down the stairs.
7. Favorite WOD or movement? Isabel
8. Lease favorite WOD or movement? Karen
9. Do you have any goals in CrossFit? Get faster and keep working on my endurance.
10. When you’re not CrossFitting, what activities keep you busy? Hiking, snowboarding, bouldering, hanging out poolside, or exploring Boulder breweries with friends.
11. How do you make CrossFit a part of your weekly schedule? At the beginning of the week I add it to my calendar and just make it part of my schedule. I try my best to go to the 5:30am class so I can enjoy my evenings after work.
12. Any favorite stories about a CrossFit experience? Funny, comical, happy cool? I met my boyfriend at CrossFit 5 years ago and we’ve been together ever since! Couples that WOD together stay together 🙂