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Men's Night at Chelsea!


Men's Night at Chelsea!

AMRAP 6 minutes:
1 power snatch (135/95)
5 burpees
2 power snatch
5 burpees
3 power snatch
…continue in this fashion, adding one power snatch to each round, until the 6 minutes are up.

This workout brought out a lot of med ball running dreams.  Don’t worry, the med ball run will be back.

Men’s Night at Chelsea

Gentlemen –

It’s December 13th.  That means you have just 12 days until Christmas to figure out a gift for the special woman in your life.  If you celebrate Hanukkah, well, you’re already 5 days in, so get crackin’.  And what better way to say “all-that-squatting-and-deadlifting-is-making-your-ass-look-amazing, nice work” than with a gift from Chelsea!?

Check it out!  Tonight, Chelsea of Boulder hosts its annual Men’s Night.  

Who is Chelsea and what is Men’s Night you ask?  Chelsea, owned and operated by our very own Jessica at Roots, is a local boutique in Boulder (meaning they sell things your wives and girlfriends want to wear).  I KNOW you love shopping for your significant other but incase you need a little kick-start or guidance, Men’s Night is the place for you!

It’s a night filled with brats and drinks, and Jessica, Lesley (also a member at Roots) and the rest of the Chelsea staff will be there to help you shop for the ladies of your life – they’ll even do the wrapping!

And, Chelsea is even throwing in a little special Roots Love for the evening and has extended a 15% off discount to all Roots members – tonight only.  How do you prove to the Chelsea staff that you’re a Roots members?  Drop and give them 5 burpees when you get to the store, we’re not kidding (3% discount per burpee, limit to 5).  You can also use the code ROOTS15 through midnight to save the same online!  But really, you probably want the personal touch.

So, grab your Roots Dude buddy and head on down to Chelsea tonight, December 13th, from 6-9pm.

2088 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 

AND, a big thank you to Chelsea for donating to the Roots Holiday Raffle!

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  1. mango

    Haha! I misunderstood the post and thought “Men’s Night at Chelsea” was the men ((meaning Ben O’Brien) would finally go shopping -with other dudes – and get something to wear that would make his ass look great. Lol!