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Miss Manners…Part 1


Miss Manners…Part 1

Air squats x 2
Burpee box jump up and overs (24/20)

Miss Manners has had great advice for all generations in all situations. Now she speaks to the CrossFit generation.

Miss Manners…Part 1

This is the first installment in an ongoing series geared toward gym etiquette. Today we will tackle the topic of what to do when you finish your workout if others are still working. If you have other topics that you would like Miss Manners to address, feel free to post to comments.

Dear Miss Manners:

I’m a bad-ass CrossFitter and I often find that I finish my workout seconds, even minutes, before others in the class. It annoys me that they are still working out while I’m trying to put my my weights and barbell away. How can I tell them to step it up a little bit so that I can be 1st in line at the coffee shop?

Dear Bad-Ass:

At Roots, we think the biggest bad-asses are those that leave their equipment where it is and grab a foam roller or lacrosse ball to mobilize as they encourage fellow athletes finishing their workout. While you are at it, grab an extra roller for them. And next time, put a little more weight on your bar.


Miss Manners


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