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Networking Happy Hour


Networking Happy Hour

AMRAP double unders in 10 minutes
100 meter weighted lunge, plates or barbell

Wendy ditches the bands and holds on to 3 for Tabata pull-ups. Congrats!

Mark Your Calendars for Networking Night at Roots

Did you know that the Roots crew has an impressive collective resume?  Come exchange your Fran time, or your business card. It will be an evening of socializing, meeting, greeting, and chatting with all the amazing folks at Roots.  You might learn something cool about the guy or gal sweating next to you in workouts!  Or you might find you have more in common with another athlete beyond your ability to string together double-unders:)  Sans kids for this happy hour.

Thursday, November 18th, 7-8:30pm



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  1. Caps

    Shane, great find with that Whole Life Eating blog. I had some leftover chicken and made the chicken/artichoke heart/zucchini dish and it is fantastic!