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No Gray Area Food Challenge – End in Sight


No Gray Area Food Challenge – End in Sight

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Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps
Work to a heavy 5 rep max for the day.

No Gray Area Food Challenge

The No Gray Area Food Challenge is coming to an end.  Folks are trickling in this week to get their indicators retested – bodyweight, body measurements, pictures, and eating habits.  The results so far are IMPRESSIVE!

Anyone from the food challenge interested in submitting their before/after pictures for a post?  We’ll get the pics emailed out today.

Food challenge folks.  What was surprisingly difficult for you on this challenge?  What was surprisingly easy?  Post to comments.


8 Responses

  1. grandpamojo

    Happy anniversary TO ME! – Thanks Roots for a year of awesome workouts, great health… and… oh yeah – 20 lbs less fat!!!

  2. Bones

    The most challenging part of the challenge for me was not being able to eat gray area food (“No gray area food challenge”). Actually, the only difficulty was limiting fruit to 4 servings, especially where a whole banana is 3 of them. My typical breakfast of a banana with almond butter became 1/3 of a banana with almond butter. Ate lots more nuts to compensate, too. Otherwise, not really a problem since my wife and I eat primarily paleo anyway.

  3. Fraseronly

    Ryan, heads up the local round of competition for air guitar is in Denver on Friday at the Larimer lounge, I expect you to air guitar fearlessly.

  4. Janet

    No more sugar cravings! Mission accomplished.

    Favorite snack: Jicama or Cucumber

    The items I missed the most: Thick Rolled Oats, Hummus, Applegate Turkey bacon….

  5. Anonymous

    Eating out in the U.K. – difficult to find veggies not cooked in butter, and not some version of a potato. I came to really appreciate grilled steak and salad!

    Made it through the sugar cravings too. Thanks to Stephanie for the berries in the evening suggestion.

    Overall – feeling good with impressive results!

  6. alcohol – alcohol – alcohol – otherwise, my 4th paleo challenge was not bad at all. Grateful to not drink actually – but not sure I was a better Dad because of it.