Paleo Showdown Wrap-up!! TONIGHT.

135 pound Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

More on Functional Movements…

Yesterday we defined functional movements as those that no one person has invented, that are essential to independent living, and that are elemental. Today we add to that definition.

Functional movements move from core to extremity. While a bicep curl moves from extremity to core, deadlifts and squats harnesses the power of the muscles near to the body’s center of mass before recruiting the smaller muscles located further from the core. Functional movements, when learned and performed correctly, are safe. Finally, functional movements are efficient and effective. Many of you have come to appreciate the efficiency of your 3-6 hours of CrossFit each week and the effectiveness of the program. For many of us, our gym routine used to consist of a daily rotation between cardio machines, nautilus machines, and free weights. CrossFit takes functional movements from all walks of life, fitness, and sport, throws them in a blender, and voila! – out comes a magnificent program scalable to all ability levels.

Paleo Showdown Wrap-up!! TONIGHT.

To Paleo or not? That is the question. Join us Wednesday, March 10th at 7:00PM for a discussion on how to continue with Paleo beyond the showdown. We’ll provide cheese, bread, punch, and cookies – SIKE! Post to comments in you plan to attend.