Roots Olympic Weightlifting Club

The USAW Olympic Weightlifting Club is for weightlifters who want to train and compete in the sport of weightlifting. This is an all-inclusive training program designed to increase performance in the snatch and clean and jerk. Each training cycle lasts 3 months and there are 3 cycles per year. For more information, visit Precision Weightlifting.

Schedule and Pricing

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday – 6:30am-8:00am

$125 per month for Roots members
$160 per month for non-members
Each Club cycle usually runs for 3 consecutive months. 

Program Coach: Ryan Landis

Ryan is a CrossFit Trainer (CF-L2) and C.S.C.S. with a USAW Advanced Coach credential. He has a competitive background in Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting, and Highland Games. He is the program director for our USAW Roots Weightlifting Club.

portrait of coach

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