Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Handstand push-ups 5 reps
Push-ups, 10 reps
Push press 95 pounds, 15 reps
Dips, 20 reps

Paleo Team Challenge Week 2 Update!
TIED! After week 2 the teams are tied!  As a gentle reminder, beer is NOT paleo.  We’ll get the tally for week three up ASAP.  ONE WEEK LEFT!  WHO WANTS THAT PALEO TEAM CHALLENGE PRIZE??
Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Ryan Landis
The Olympic Weightlifting Clinic is this weekend from 9-11.  If you signed up and can no longer attend, please inform us immediately so we can offer the spot to someone else.  Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the clinic.  For more information about Ryan, click here.
Boulder Stroke and Stride
We are racing the Boulder Stroke and Stride on Thursday, July 16th at the Boulder Reservoir.  For more information or to sign-up, click here.  If you are interested in competing in this event as part of a relay, email Nicole and she will link swimmers with runners.

The Garage4150 Summer Barbeque
Mark your calendars!  Ivete Liliensteins and fiance Chris Ech have offered to host a summer barbeque at their house on Wednesday, July 8th.  Details to follow.  Obviously, this will be the social event of the summer so plan accordingly!
Class Schedule Modifications
The class schedule for July 9-12 is as follows:
Thursday: WOD, 6AM
Friday: no class
Saturday: Olympic Weightlifting Clinic
Sunday: no class
If you would like workouts to do on your own for Friday and Sunday, please let us know.