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One for the Books.


One for the Books.


Faye rocks out at the 2011 Roots Holiday Bash.

One for the Books.

Thanks to everyone who came out for last night’s holiday bash!  We’ll get photos up on Flickr today.

Until next year!!

Got presses? G'Pa Mojo shows everyone how it's done out on the dance floor.

Hey Roots athletes - happy holidays! Love, the Roots staff.

11 Responses

  1. Duane Primozich

    Thanks for a great party last night!
    How many gyms do you think hosted a gig like that? And how many do you think drew a crowd of over 150? You are creating something very special here. The enthusiasm, the camaraderie, the general ass-kicking that goes on in that gym every day–unique. Very well done, across the board.

    Happy Holidays

  2. Molly Molter

    I second that! Thanks for a fun night! I love the Roots family– such an awesome group of people!  And great pictures, can’t wait to see the rest! (Thanks Alison!)

  3. Adorable photos. Faye, you’re so photogenic! Can’t wait to see the rest of them on Flickr. Thank you, Roots for the best Xmas party of the season!

  4. Allison Seymour

    Fun night with everyone! Thanks for letting me hijack the camera, too. There was some funny shit happening on that dance floor, I just had to document it!