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One Workout – Seven Movements


One Workout – Seven Movements

15 minute AMRAP:
5 rounds of the Bear Complex (95/65)
(1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat, 1 Push-Press)
10 burpee pull-ups

CrossFit Roots doing work.

CrossFit Roots doing work.

One Workout – Seven Movements

Today’s workout pairs seven different movements together!

A burpee pull-ups is straight forward.  Instead of the jump and clap of a regular burpee, it is replaced with a jump to the pull-up bar and pull-up.

For the Bear Complex, think about how each movement connects and flows into the next one.  This will help you to remember what movement comes next.

1 Power Clean – the barbell is pulled from the floor and will end with the athlete holding the bar in a front rack position and standing fully.

1 Front Squat – the barbell starts in the front rack position (where it ended for the power clean) and performs a squat

1 Push Press – the barbell starts with the elbows just slightly lower than where they finished after the front squat, athlete drives the bar up over head

*KEY MOMENT!: at the completion overhead of the push press the athlete lowers the bar to the backside of their body to position the bar for the back squat.  Don’t recover it back to the front side of your body.

1 Back Squat – perform one back squat and prepare to drive straight into behind the neck push press

1 Push Press – barbell will start from behind the neck as this is where it finishes after the back squat