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Rope Climbs – Strength and Technique


Rope Climbs – Strength and Technique

All 6 and 7pm classes are cancelled for this evening.  Please come to 4 or 5pm if you are able.  Be safe.

Front Squat

Rope Climbs – Strength and Technique

Rope climbs have been one of the skills we’ve incorporated for the past two months.  In the video above, Elizabeth displays some picture perfect rope climbs – demonstrating both strength and technique in the movement.

A rope climb involves two main parts – strength, in the form of grip and pulling power – and technique, in the form of footwork.

Many athletes rely on their strength to get them up the rope.  They think they are faster using only strength to muscle themselves up the rope.  While this may be true for a few climbs, and may save them 3-5 seconds, very few athletes have the stamina to maintain this over the course of a workout – and if they do, it inevitably takes away from other movements in the workout.

Take the extra split second to set your feet and perform a good pull.  Use the skill sessions to master the footwork and not just check the box.

A great test to see if you’ve mastered the footwork is to climb the rope without looking at your feet when wrapping the rope.  Try it!  We’re pretty sure Elizabeth would pass this test!

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